Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dear Kitchen Fairy

When we last spoke, Mr. Fairy said to just say 'shut up.'

Well, I'm ready.

Let me know when we can work your organizational magic on the most sacred room in the house.

Thank you,

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Risen from the dead: The Revenge

Maybe that title is over the top ... a result of watching too many horror flicks at mom's during the summer.

Maybe it isn't.

I was able to surprisingly resurrect yet another ancient product today.

A few years ago we purchased a used G3 Powerbook, if anything for the programs that were contained therein.

It was pretty cool. But the eventual purchase of a G4 desktop sent this laptop to 'occasional use' heaven.

Honestly, I finished my BA on it. So, it means a little bit to me.

But this little guy lost its ability to hook up to the internet. I though the (geek moment) Ethernet plug was shot, and I have an extra shell lying around just waiting to be used. I think the shell has a usable port that I can switch out.

Well, today said port worked.

Now, in the short 3 or 4 years of not using this computer online, it has dramatically changed its ability to surf.

It is fun, with 192MB of RAM, but not quite the same without the 2 ghz processor.

Oh well, at least we have something that might serve well as a voice mail receiver.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Risen from the dead

Technology is weird.

I believe that it is one part technological, one part magic and two parts miracles.

Yesterday, known by some as "PapaTacoma's very, very terrible-bad day" was perked up by a wonderful technological irony and event.

First off, my brother-in-law was having problems getting his computer on our network (two macs and his girl friend's PC were able to, but he could not). I shared with him that technology is part magical part miracle. He "humphed" the idea.

So there's a story about my wife playfully throwing a newspaper two days ago, only to have it not be caught by me, but by the FIRST CUP OF COFFEE of the morning. Not a bad thing, that's why we have towels ... except that said cup of coffee was, oh about 6 inches from "really-cool macbook pro" with (thankfully) AppleCare. (not a fan of extended warranties, but this one has been worth its weight in pennies).

After some fussing with the keyboard, I decided that it was time to call Mr. Jobs' company and ask for help. We reset things, and still no down arrow or "?/" key.

So I schedule a time at the genius bar that is closest to here (and break my mall rule, but wow, what a nice place to break that rule).

In the mean time, I find our U2 edition 20 gig iPod that I picked up about two years ago to help chickadee survive some night shifts. Now, 8 months ago, I went to sync it and it decided to die.

No warranty.

Not extended warranty.

Just dead weight.

So, I plug it into the "really cool MacbookPro", and even as it is dying, it gives our iPod life. And before I know it, I'm syncing files and all sorts of things that I haven't been able to do for nearly a year.

Now, I'm back in love with my iPod, chickadee can have it back whenever, but if not, she does have the Nano.

Oh, and wee one, if she had the $400 would have picked up the iPod touch today, as YouTube had a cute kitty video of cats popping out of a latex glove box. And even at two years old she could make it work ....

Thursday, September 20, 2007


It was going to come up soon enough, so don't be surprised. I have a 2 year old, and so today we get to talk about the potty.

She's still in diapers.

Usually it's the peeing that's easy for kids ... I think.

This one, thankfully, has the number two function down very well.

Really well.

She stops, tells me about the business that's happening, and I whisk her away to the potty.

It's wonderful.

No messy diapers.

Just a wipe and a flush.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Today's morning

Kids are awake now
syrup in hair random cut
Now we can travel

Saturday, September 1, 2007

For the Swede

So, I've been to IKEA multiple times in the 13 years I've lived here.

And, to the surprise of the staff in the restaurant, I have never eaten there.

Until Friday.

In homage to the Swede, I had the meatballs, potatoes and the sauce. I forget what type of berry it is ...

They offered me something like 10 or 20, I took the lesser. Boy, those are some good meatballs. Quite the tasty lunch.

I'll have to take chickadee sometime.

Oh, it's like $5. And the kids, being newly minted Kids Club members enjoyed their kid selections (sans the picky one).